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Apricus S.A.
av. Mazalienne 6
Wasseiges 4219

Apricus S.A.081 85 55 28av. Mazalienne 6 E-mail
Map 4219 Wasseiges • BELGIUM

For some of your problems, we provide computer hardware & software solutions.

Gauthier Van Vreckem

Gauthier Van Vreckem

Lead Engineer

With more than 25 years of experience we provide reliable & affordable IT services to small or large entreprise by delivering tailored solutions for all their hardware, sofware & networking needs.

We provide 24/7 technical assistance either by phone, remote control or on-site

Our IT services include:

  • Hardware configuration, maintenance & repairs
  • Server side development
  • Database design & optimisation
  • Network architecture & security
  • Cloud & virtualisation
  • E-mail solutions
  • VOIP solutions

Thibaud Van Vreckem

Lead Designer

Thibaud Van Vreckem

… for some others, we create and design things to deliver a visual solution.

We help small and big clients solve their problems with tailored and relevant design solutions.

our design services include :

  • Brand identity design
  • Website & App Front-end development (UI-UX Design)
  • Motion design, 3D design & SFX

Dreamers Inc. • Identity & landing page design

The orchard • Identity & landing page design

Olyfe • Identity & Web App design
Complex design of a dashboard type web app, + detailed module development for a 'big data' analysis start-up.

Fractal Science • Identity & landing page design
Comprehensive identity design including logo and guideline accompanying the design of a landing page for another 'big data' analysis start-up.

Fractal Science - App • Identity & Web App design
Comprehensive product design of a complex dashboard type web app + detailed module development for a 'big data' analysis start-up.

Reddy Vienyard • Identity, Web design & Development
Complete identity design (including logo) + design and development of a complete responsive website visit website

Altermondo • landing page design

Chilcare • template theme design

Comento • Identity & Web App design
design of a web app

Attic Studio • Web design and development for Attic Studio (my app/game studio)

24 Int • Identity & Web design
Full website design

Pikibox • Identity, Web design & development
Pikibox is our Portfolio builder service visit website

Demand Rehab • Identity & Web design
logo design + landing page design